Friday, November 19, 2010

Awesome date night, ends in confusion

So, we went off to Le Citron Bistro for dinner and a show tonight. I'd heard that ReBirth Brass Band was gonna play the venue, which was serving "Louisiana plate dinner" along with a ticket to the show for $25. Awesome, sign me up!

So we get there and the guy who greets us says, "OK, New Birth Brass Band is gonna start at 9:45 and then after about an hour and a half, ReBirth will start."

We have our plate dinner- I have fried chicken (of course) which comes with sides of jambalaya, green beans, and sweet potato puree. Tom has fried catfish (of course) which comes with the same sides. It's all right- not the best food, but cooked from the heart. The chicken and catfish were actually really good, it was the sides we weren't crazy about. I liked the jambalaya, and Tom said he liked it at first, but then it did the opposite of "grow on him." It shrank on him, I guess.

There was a warm and bubbly birthday girl there turning 40- she had like 12-15 friends there and they were the life of the party. They even brought out cake, which they shared with us. It was from some place in Metarie, began with an "H"?

About 9:15 or so,the band started. There was some dancing, and then the band took a break. They started up again about a half hour later with some really great stuff. I danced and danced and danced... it was great. Enough people so that one could dance without looking weird or making a scene, but not too many people so that it was crowded or uncomfortable. The whole vibe of the night was like that- just totally chill, and people were nice but we didn't need to socialize, which was actually a huge relief. Sometimes you just feel like you have to be "on" all the time here.

And Tom and I had a wonderful time. We could relax and flirt with each other and laugh and have fun. It was just a great environment for that. There were NO jerks in the crowd that we overheard (and we would have, it was an intimate setting) and Tom was like, you know, if you can't pick out the douchebag in the crowd, THE DOUCHEBAG IS YOU. So we agreed we must have been the jerky d-bags of the whole building, because everyone else was super nice.

So, the confusion! Tom thought that both bands played, and I was pretty sure that New Birth just played 2 sets. By the end of the 2nd set, we decided to go home- leave the party while still having fun. So I get home and look around online and see that while some listings have ReBirth playing aat Le Citron Bistro tonight, their FB page says they are playing in Deleware! And things really did look like they were winding down when we left at 11:30 or so. So I dunno if we were mislead or if they did play the 2nd set (sans Kermit) or came and played after we left (after possibly coming back from freaking Wilmington), but it doesn't actually matter.

We had an awesome time, hung out in a beautiful old New Orleans landmark, spent some time together in a completely unexpected way. I got to dance! And Tom got to not feel bad about not dancing.

Really, the most weirdly perfect vibe for a night out for the two of us. I am SO glad we went. After today/this week, it was so tempting to just burrow in at home after a couple beers at the Avenue, which is what we do every Friday. Which is often/usually a lot of fun and I do love going there. But it was just glorious to get out of routine, and it really shook us up in a great way that caused us to connect and really have fun with each other.

So, YAY! (and the slightest of buh? about how ReBirth fit into all this.)

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