Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not just lazy... cat-level lazy

This weekend we are trying to take a cue from our cats and just chilling out. It's been a rather tough week at work, so after quitting time on Friday, we drove straight over to The Avenue Pub with our Mug Club mugs and immediately ordered the Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Wet Hop Harvest Ale downstairs. We wandered up to the balcony, settled into a couple bar seats, and enjoyed a couple cask German/Franconian beers- a lager and a marzen. They just got a dedicated Unibroue draft tower put in, and I ordered a Maudite and also had a sample of the Trois Pistoles in a bourbon washed glass. Man, those Canadians can brew some beer!

Of course, we needed a little something to sop up all this delicious beer, so I had the cheeseburger (as I usually do) and Tom had one of the Oktoberfest food specials - Hassenpfeffer, which was braised rabbit in a red wine/brandy sauce. Came with German potato salad. We also caught up with a few folks we hadn't seen for a while. An excellent Friday night.

Yesterday, we went to the Marigny Brasserie to use our Living Social coupon for breakfast there. Eh. This was the second time we'd been there together on the weekend, and the second time it was pretty average/mediocre. Probably won't make an effort to go back. They had some sort of big wedding brunch going on as well, which certainly impacted the service, and our food came out cold.

Did some chores and cooked dinner in (flatiron steak from Rare Cuts cooked with Crystal hot sauce, lime juice, and Tony Chachere's seasoning- yum!) yesterday.

Today so far has been pretty great. We got up early (we went to bed crazy early last night) and went to Surrey's for breakfast, which was very nice, and a far cry from our disappointing breakfast yesterday. We got there right before the rush, and we were able to get seated right away. Tom had the Bananas Foster Stuffed French Toast, and I had the Migas with chorizo and their juice specialty, orange-pineapple-mango. Yum! My migas (basically a tex-mex style scramble) came with grits and one of their awesome fresh baked biscuits.

After breakfast, I thought it would be fun to stop by the Avenue Pub at 9:15 in the morning. I mean, why not? It's open 24 hours, may as well take advantage, right? Specifically, I wanted to try the newly tapped (at 12:01AM that morning) Stone Vertical Epic. Every year, they release a special beer- they started in 2002 with a 02-02-2002 release, and have done a similar thing every year. Obviously, this year is 10-10-10. So we stopped in to the surprise of the usual morning patrons, and enjoyed a glass of it. Then back home to lounge with the cats.

Later today: Saints game and perhaps a neighborhood second line encounter? Enjoy the rest of your weekends, everyone!

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