Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh when the Saints...

It's funny to think that when Tom and I were here over Christmas, we would look at the T-shirt shops in the quarter and wonder what the hell "Who Dat!?" meant.

Now I know that "Who Dat" is something that is yelled between friends, neighbors, strangers, and co-workers to convey excitement about the game of football when the local sports team- I think they are called the Saints - is playing! It's sort of the New Orleans version of "Yankees Suck" but much more prevalent. And nicer. It's everywhere and everyone and it's hollered with incredible, lusty, chest-thumping pride.

It's the WHOLE CITY. The WHOLE CITY full of people who LOVE TO CELEBRATE. It's pretty awe inspiring.

For the season opener on Thursday the 9th, the whole city practically shut down. The Saints were playing at home, and there was a parade and concert and the ENTIRE CITY ground to a halt. Kids left school early, the city government had the day off, both of our offices closed early as well. Hilarious.

Last night for Monday Night Football (tm) our friend and devoted season ticket holder Kara set up her TV outside in her courtyard and we sat outside and drank beer and watched the game. Folks were passing by asking the score and yelling Who Dat! All you gotta do is yell that and you'll have about 25 people yelling it back at you.

It's crazy, man. But totally contagious.


  1. I have a "Who Dat?" shirt the Dunwoody guys gave me from HG, and while walking my dog here a random dude on a bicycle hollered it out as he whizzed by.

  2. It is especially important to do the call and response when you come across another potential New Orleanian in a foreign land :-)

    (this is Kara by the way - apparently I set up an account as 'nola nerd' at some point)