Friday, September 10, 2010

The Lower 9th Ward Village Community Center

So, I volunteered to make some fundraising cold calls for The Village, and I'm dreading it. It's phone fear and telemarketing fear and stuff. I currently have Taz sitting on my left arm and am using that as an excuse for waiting till after lunch to start. I typed up the script and sorted the business cards that Joe gave me and I'm ready to go... just need to do it.

But in the meantime, here's the deal for my legions of blog readers!

The Lower 9th Ward Village is a non-profit that stands as a safe place for residents to acquire skills, knowledge, and resources that will allow them to live economically, physically, and emotionally stable lives. However, at the moment, we at the Village, like many of the Lower 9th Ward’s residents, are struggling to meet our basic needs.

Since we have not yet received any federal money or private grants, our unpaid, all-volunteer team must focus every month on just paying the rent and utility bills. This is unfortunate for many reasons, but mostly because our focus needs to be on serving the community to our greatest capacity, not on struggling to pay the bills.

This month brings the threat of our utility services being stopped due to a severe lack of funds.

So we are reaching out to all those who have come to or heard about the Village- who believe in it, who share our vision or a vibrant and fully serviced Lower 9th Ward community.

Our goal is to reach $50,000 this month, and every little bit brings us closer to that amount.

You can PayPal or send a check made out to The Lower 9th Ward Village and mail it to The Lower 9th Ward Village, c/o Joe McClendon, 1001 Charbonnet Street, New Orleans, LA 70117.

If you do make a donation, let me know so I can make sure that the payment is received and acknowledged properly.

Thanks for listening and thinking about it! It's a real tangible way to help folks who still need lots of help. It's a way to make a systemic change in the community.

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