Tuesday, September 21, 2010

birthday festivities and other NOLA eatin'.

Ah, for the days that I could write 3-4 blog posts a day. Now I can't even keep up once a week.

My birthday was last week, and we went to have my birthday dinner at Bayona the night before my birthday, because I was working late on my actual birthday. Bayona was nice- it's practically an institution, or would be if there weren't several 100+ year old restaurants in town too. Anyway, I had an appetizer and entree off the "classic" side of the menu (smoked quail salad and the lamb loin) and Tom got his courses off the specials side (baby beet salad and rabbit roulade.) Tom was suspicious of our waiter, who had many suggestions. I didn't mind the solicitousness so much though. I got a pinot noir to go with the quail- the quail salad was wonderful, by the way - and a spanish red wine to go with the lamb. The lamb was cooked perfectly and had a goat cheese mixture on top of it. The sides were kind of boring, but that was fine.

We shared a lemon-lavender semifreddo for dessert, I had some sort of fancy pants dessert wine with it, as well as a cappuccino that had a chocolate covered almond on the side.

Tom loved his rabbit as well as the beet salad, so yay.

On my actual birthday, we had a release party for The Trumpet, which is a magazine/newspaper that my nonprofit puts out every other month. When that happens, we have a release party, usually in the same neighborhood that's been spotlighted in that particular issue.

This month, we were in Carrollton, so our party was at the Adams Street Cultural Development Center, with excellent catering (fried chicken, smothered chicken, casserole, peas, garlic bread, and AWESOME bread pudding,) and the appearance by the Baby Boyz Brass Band. That was loud in a small space but pretty awesome

After that, Tom took me to Cure for some cocktails. Tom had the "Trouble & Desire," which had El Dorado 5YR Rum, Smith & Cross Navy Strength Rum, Licor 43, Carpano Antica Vermouth, and Orange Peel.

I had several cocktails. First off I had the "Cease & Desist," which had Carpano Punt e Mes, Rittenhouse Bonded Rye, Fernet Branca, and Orange Peel. Then the "William Wisecracker" with Evan Williams Single Barrel, Cynar, Demerara Sugar, Lemon, Maraschino Liqueur, and Mint. Then the bartender made me one of his specialties, a "Branca Libre," a play on a Cuba Libre with Fernet and demerara syrup, the juice of half a lime, topped off with soda water. Delicious!

So that was some fancy food and drink... today I had some more low key New Orleans food. For lunch I had my first red gravy at Liuzza's on Bienville- red gravy over spaghetti with veal parmesan. This was after a cup of Oyster Rockefeller bisque, which was awesome- came with 2 freshly fried oysters perched on top. Nothing like a hot fried oyster, it just explodes in your mouth all crispy and briny and delicious.

After I picked Tom up from work today, we celebrated the last day of summer by going to Hansen's for a special Saints victory sno-bliz- cream of ice cream in the middle and cream of chocolate anise around it. It was to evoke the look of the Superdome, according to the Hansen's lady. We sat outside on a beautiful breeze September evening under blue skies and contemplated the end of our first summer in New Orleans.

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