Friday, August 6, 2010

Stardust and Little Vic's

A quick post to rave about Stardust Salon on Magazine in the Lower Garden District and also my lunch at Little Vic's Gelateria which is like three doors down.

Stardust: great space, great service, and Trent, my stylist was very entertaining and actually cut and styled my hair the way I would actually wear it on a daily basis. I really enjoyed talking to him, which is funny- I usually hate that forced hair styling killing time forced banter that goes on in the chair. He also recommended Little Vic's for panini and gelato, so I stopped there to pick up some lunch to go after my salon appointment.

I am very disappointed in myself that I did not get gelato, but I'll go back and rectify that soon enough. I did get the chicken salad panini, which was nice, which came with a side of the soup of the day- mushroom brie today. YUM. Is putting brie in soup a New Orleans thing? Because I don't think I'd ever had it or seen it except here. I had a great oyster and brie soup at Britgsen's back in March and then the mushroom brie today. I really enjoyed the sandwich too.

Just sad that I had no gelato! Happily, that can be remedied...

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