Wednesday, August 18, 2010

musings on munchings

Man, I feel like this is gonna be a boring run of journal entries. Getting into the work frame of mind has pretty much fried my brain, but I figured I should at least keep plugging away at the blogging. Bloggination. I haz it!

So, on Sunday we had a nice day- we went to see To Catch A Thief at the Prytania, as part as their classics series. Ir was packed! I hadn't seen the movie before and it was awesome! I love the Prytania and the fact they do classic movie matinées makes them even cooler. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

We wandered Magazine Street afterward, shopping at Storyville for T-shirts for ourselves (Tom got this one and I got this one) and Fleurty Girl to buy some flirty girlie stuff for Tom's 14 year old niece.

For dinner we had Chinese takeout from Jung's Golden Dragon II on Magazine Street (seriously, I love living so close to the awesomeness of Magazine Street) I'm gonna have to give it another try sometime. We had an ordering snafu- I ordered beef and chicken Hunan style, I got some sort of chicken and shrimp dish. Tom's dish looked like General Tsao's chicken, but it didn't have any heat to it, and given the more obvious mixup in my food, we wondered if he got some other fried chicken dish. But I called, went back, got the right dish, and settled down and et it up. It was OK. I'll give it another chance to redeem itself. Maybe we might eat in next time.

OMG, we finally got it together to get Tom his Louisiana license at the OMV! We went to the OMV in Harvey, which is a different one that I went to months ago in Metarie. We got there right as it opened, and got out before 9. Load off the collective mind- that's a PITA errand.

Monday and Tuesday I had to use my lunch breaks to go to various post offices (Lafayette Square and Mid-City) so I had quick lunches near by. Monday, I had a hot pastrami sandwich, kettle chips, and fresh brewed unsweetened peach iced tea at Cafe On The Square on St. Charles. Tuesday, I grabbed a quesadilla (Bacon Azul) at the Mid City Juan's Flying Burrito. First time I've ever not had a burrito at Juan's!

Today I had nothing to do at lunch except eat lunch, so I cruised down South Carrolton to Five Happiness, a nice Chinese American place. Got a booth, enjoyed my lunch special with wonton soup and beef in garlic sauce, and eavesdropped on all the college kids there having lunch with their parents in town dropping them off. Aw, kids. Stay outta my way, 'kay?

After picking Tom up in the CBD, I turn on to Magazine and as we approach the WWII Museum, I realize I'm starving, require a stiff drink (or 2) and some comfort food. Aha, American Sector to the rescue! I had a mint julep and a "Big Mamou" (Mango puree, mint, Bacardi rum, Triple Sec, soda) served in a tiki cup, which pleased Tom to no end. Tom ordered the chicken friend steak and I had the chicken & dumplings. Also a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Perfect. Cocktails were well made, comfort food was perfect. I think we'll hit American Sector frequently in the future, it's so easy to stop at after work on the way home and the food and drink are great.

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