Thursday, August 5, 2010


What should we do tomorrow night?

Option 1:
Satchmo Club Strut on Frenchmen Street.

Pros- music! Satchmo! Frenchmen Street!
Cons- Kinda pricy, probably hot and crowded, where to park?

Option 2:
nerdnight-NOLA at BSI Comics in Metarie

Pros- free beer! nerds! free! More opportunity to actually meet and talk to people!
Cons- that's a lot of presentations, and I don't like Abita Amber all that much.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts...


  1. well, i'd start at the FREE BEER place and see how the vibe was and then if it didn't work out, head on down to the other joint....

  2. Both of those look good! But I'm scared of hot, and think the nerd nite talks look more interesting than the ones I've seen up here.... Possibly because of the preponderance of Professional Nerds around town. So I vote that one!