Tuesday, August 10, 2010

early bird...

The worm might well be literal in the big ole bunch of kale I picked up. Today's haul:

creole tomatoes
heirloom tomatoes
shiitake mushrooms
1 lb. jumbo shrimp
1 tiny (1.5 lb) chicken
zucchini and summer squash
green pepper
garlic chevre
spinach fettucini
vodka pasta sauce
german multigrain bread

Pesto dude, hippie dudes, pie lady and cheerful vegetable farmer dudes nowhere to be seen. Figs are gone. No catfish to be found! No fish at all, actually- just shrimp and crab.

Potential menus: shrimp and grits, zucchini and goat cheese pasta (man, should have gotten some basil), arugula pesto. Dunno what to do with a teeny tiny chicken though!

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