Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend wrap up

While Tom is taking my rainy mid afternoon nap, I thought I'd finish up the weekend recap. Right now, I'm watching Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix on Demand while waiting for the Blueberry Buckle I finally got around to making to cool down.

Yesterday was pretty relaxed- we wandered up for lunch at Gott Gourmet. I had the fried chicken club sandwich and Tom had the chicken curry salad sandwich on a croissant. Tasty sandwiches- a little messy, but good.

I was rebuked for my pre-party eating once I got to the porch party happening on Chippewa and Eighth. "Don't you know that these parties have food?" Jerri scolded when I arrived and did not start eating immediately. I grabbed a beer and sat out on the porch, chatting with my friends, meeting new people, seeing folks waving from the sidewalk, watching neighbors dandling babies on knees. It was awesome! I did eventually partake of a shrimp etoufee, grilled sausage, strawberry shortcake cake (decorated like an American flag!) potato chips, fruit salad, and of course, many ice cold cans of Budweiser, the King of Beers.

I am so grateful to have a neighborhood like this.

Today, Tom had the day off from work as a holiday. We went to Cochon for lunch (my suggestion of Commander's Palace was vetoed.) Tom had the same thing I had the last time, the shrimp and deviled egg gumbo and the bacon and oyster sandwich. I had the crawfish pie, the spicy ribs with watermelon pickle, and a side of macaroni & cheese (I saw it at another table and instantly got a craving.)

For dessert Tom and I split the blueberry cobbler with creole cream cheese ice cream. Delicious!

All told, an excellent holiday.

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