Thursday, July 15, 2010

this and that

have been keeping busy with a neighborhood volunteer project - the KaBOOM! Playground Build at Burke Park in the Irish Channel and I've been trying to keep up with my ambitious cooking projects from Donald Link's book. I made the shrimp, tomato, and fresh corn stew, the creamed corn, the buttermilk ice cream (2 different mix-ins- Luxuardo cherries with candied ginger, Carpano Antica, and spiced rum and also the fresh figs purchased at the farmers market.) Today, I'm just finishing up making his Chicken & Dumplings. It was quite time consuming! I don't think I'll be able to cook the way I've been cooking in the next couple weeks what with the Burke Playground work and the Tales of the Cocktail volunteering I'll be doing next week.

I have a very promising job interview next week too! Busy, busy, busy!

Random note: I remembered, today while going to Tom's office to pick him up, that the day of the week I see the most airport shuttles bustling around town. It makes me happy, to think of all the visitors coming in to enjoy their weekends in New Orleans. Have fun, y'all!

Second random note: I picked up Tom and drove straight to Coquette for their Thursday $5 cocktails. Tom had The Drake- Jamaican rum, Cherry Heering, lemon, blueberries. I had the Zapada- mexcal, muscat, chocolate bitters, and huckleberry shrub. Very smooth but smoky and flavorful.

Then we came home, and as I finished up my cooking, Tom mixed up a couple Jack Rose cocktails (Applejack. grenadine, and lime juice.)


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  1. Oh, I love Coquette's $5 Thursday. Get the French 75 and ask them to use apricot brandy instead of plain brandy!