Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Looking at houses for sale in my neighborhood. How cute is this place??

I did not feel like shrimp wrassling today so I made pasta with the raw cherry tomatoes, raw garlic, EVOO from St. Helena, CA, fresh basil, and the lemon-dill goat cheese. mix all that together raw, add the hot pasta, and bam, deliciousness ensues.

Tom decided to make Nigella Lawson's Figs in Rum Syrup (found here, but you need to scroll down some) because these fresh Louisiana figs do not last long at all. I was given a stern talking to about protecting the figs after purchasing.

Tomorrow, shrimp. Thursday, we dine at Boucherie. Friday... we'll see. Depends if we go to the Avenue or not. But the quail will keep in the fridge a couple days, they were just killed yesterday.

Also tomorrow: volunteer conference call with everyone involved in the KaBOOM build, doctor's appointment, making peach buckle, and hopefully scheduling a second interview.


  1. are you buying? seems like you should be very concerned with keeping the FIGS FRESH.

  2. Not buying a house, just daydreaming.

    Oh, I AM concerned with keeping FIGS FRESH.

    It's a learning process- not used to dealing with keeping FIGS FRESH, as or access to fresh figs has been extremely limited till moving down here.

    But don't you worry, I will not permit the arduous process of househunting and buying to distract me with my laser focus on FIG FRESHNESS.

  3. Nora,

    Do you have an rss feed feature available? This way I could check it and it would let me know when you post a new posting or you or some one else responds to a comment. Otherwise I have to constantly check in to see what you are up to and well.... you know how that goes....

  4. Daniel, I just added the rss feed tool on the top of my left hand sidebar. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks for the suggestion!