Saturday, July 10, 2010

Posting about drinking while drunk.

First of all, I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, Tom and I headed out after dinner to meet up with friends at the local awesome bar, Pete's, which I have discussed before:

I was drinking (well) gin & tonics and Tom was drinking Miller Lites and every round came to $5. FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE. This is where we make our money back.

Anyway, we hung out with our friend Kara (I LOVE YOU MAN!!!) and talked about what seemed to be everything under the sun, met some new people, and saw the new Hooters Queen be crowned on Spike TV. Seriously, fun times for sure.

I love this neighborhood and I love this city and I am so happy to be here.

(Disclaimer: Nora may or may not indeed "love you, man!!!")

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  1. With the exception of the $5.00 rounds (which is absolutely AMAZING), this sounds vaguely familiar. Remember the weekend that began with "Rock & Roll Sushi" and scorpian bowls? Talking about "drinking while drunk." The mere memory gives me a hangover. The fact that I remember anything about that night/weekend is a wonder in itself! Good times that make for amazing memories... With or without the drinks, it appears this (memory-making) is what you have been doing on a daily basis in NOLA. I say, "Good for you, old friend... good for you!" :-)