Monday, July 12, 2010

Pastries in the French Quarter and BBQ in the Bywater

Today I struggled with important issues. Such as, where shall I eat breakfast? And later on- where shall I eat lunch?

I drove into the French Quarter- I like going there in the morning, after the locals have gone to work and the tourists are still sleeping. Parked the car across from Irene's Cuisine (an old school and venerated Creole Italian place) on St. Phillip Street and wandered a block over to Croissant d'Or, an excellent patisserie on Ursalines.

I highly recommend this place. I came here on the last day of my last visit to New Orleans and fell in love with it then. It's pretty basic- non-hipster, just awesome croissants and other pastries. Looks like they make cakes and fancier dessert style pastries as well, but as the name suggests, when I come here, it's all about the croissant.

I got exactly what I got last time- a ham & cheese breakfast croissant and a chocolate croissant. Don't judge me! Also, iced coffee- nice strong stuff.

Since it wasn't overly hot or humid at this point in the day, I took my croissants and coffee out to the courtyard and enjoyed the quiet, the only noise being the fountain streaming water.

I can't say enough good things about these croissants. They are everything a croissant should be in my opinion.

After breakfast, I had a little bit of time left on my meter, so I took a little walk around the block. I like that area of the Quarter- much more low key than up by Canal, especially Royal Street, which is classy almost the entire run of the Quarter.

Passed by the shuttered Verti Marte- they had a fire a couple months ago, and sadly they had to close. But they say they are rebuilding, so I'm looking forward to that.

After I got home and did some chores, later in the day, Tom pinged me to see if I had any lunch plans- he didn't bring his lunch and the team at work weren't organizing anything for once. So I drove on into the CBD, picked up my man, and we headed to the Cake Cafe in the Marigny. Alas, they were closed! Took all last week off and half of this week- will be reopening on Wednesday the 14th.

We kept driving down Chartres- Elizabeth's was also closed (as it is on Monday and Tuesday) and kept driving till we had to turn up Poland and behold, The Joint BBQ was open! We'd been denied their ribs when we were there before, so I'd been itching to go back with Tom to right that travesty. Tom had the rib plate (4 ribs) with 2 sides (cole slaw and baked beans) and I had the combo plate with beef brisket and 2 ribs, and one side (potato salad.) Really good- worth the wait. Beautifully smoked. I love the staff at The Joint as well as the general vibe.

We got temporarily thwarted by some train shenanigans as we were cruising back down St. Claude Street to get Tom back to the office in a timely manner, but I was able to eventually figure out how to get around all that. Going to the Bywater always carries that risk of train delay!

Then I came home and took and posted pictures of my cat, because although this is a food/booze/NOLA blog, it is still a blog on the internet and therefore will always revert to cats. I will try to keep it to a minimum though.

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