Saturday, July 3, 2010

My weekend so far (Friday night)

So, although it was the Friday before the holiday weekend, Tom had to work late. By the time I went into town to get him, the whole area was jammed up crazy for the Essence Jazz Fest. Finally we got home and decided that we needed a drink or five.

We headed over to Parasol's and settled in at the bar, drinking some Abita Jackamo IPAs and then Restoration Ale. I think I had a gin and tonic in there somewhere, as well. Our friends Kara and Trey came by and they of course knew half the people in there, who they promptly introduced to us.

A backgammon shark came in with his board, and I asked him about it. Told him it had been ages since I played, could we please play for no stakes? He countered with an offer to play for low stakes, and I was in. Man, that was fun. I won! I won $2, as I hit him with the doubling cube at one point. Tom was sort of annoyed by my obnoxious backgammon competitive persona so I quit after the one game. Still, that was a lot of fun. Random fun!

Since we were obviously not going to be leaving to go anywhere for dinner, we ordered a roast beef po'boy to split, and it was awesome, much better than the first one I'd had the first night we got into town. Maybe it was a better batch, or they taste better when wasted, or I was too stressed out from moving in to really enjoy the first one. I don't know, but the one we had last night was terrific.

Tom was pretty wiped out, but I was still in party mode (which I regretted for several hours earlier today) so we dropped him off and drove across Washington to Pete's on the corner of Chippewa and Sixth. It was quiet there, but I met one of the folks who is throwing a neighborhood porch party on Sunday as well as a few other real nice neighborhood folks. Stuff starts to get a little fuzzy in the evening at this point, but I do know that I got the bartender to mix me a manhattan which was served to me straight up in a plastic cup. It was delicious!

I finally figured out that I needed to get home and I walked back, reflecting on how much I love my neighborhood, and how a lot of that is reflected in these neighborhood bars.

I came home and ate my leftovers from Coquette, half of the Sucre cupcake and the second half of the Xocolate Mousse cake thing I was supposed to save for Tom. Then I passed out upstairs, keeping Tom awake and preparing for the hideous hangover to come...

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