Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Farmers Market haul

I got to the market right after dropping Tom off at work- probably about 20 minutes after it opened. Packed already, and I got the second to last basket of chanterelle mushrooms. Also got:

Cherry tomatoes
fresh figs
2 kinds of pesto
oregano pappedelle
2 lbs. shrimp
half pound black drum
whole fresh chicken
2 tarts- one blueberry/peach and one sweet potato
4 beautiful red juicy creole tomatoes
4 ears of sweet corn
a bunch of basil
skim and whole milk
a slice of unsalted butter
butter lettuce

Tonight I will be making shrimp, corn, and tomato stew from Donald Link's cookbook, which someone seems to have posted here without crediting him. On the side, either creamed corn or tomato cucumber salad.

Tomorrow I'll make Link's Chicken & Dumplings with the chantarelles and chicken. And whatever side I don't make tonight. I think the creamed corn tonight and the salad tomorrow.

Man, just typing this has made me hungry!

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