Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farmers Market haul this week (plus, general reflections on food shopping)

Today, still feeling crappy (now... sore throat + cough + coughing up stuff + runny nose + full body aching sneezes??? UGH) I nonetheless went over to the farmers market because that keeps us from eating potato chips and ramen for dinner every night. (though last night I did make Link's chicken & dumplings again, which was awesome. Again.)

Lots of folks I was hoping to see - pasta guy, hippie dudes, pie lady - weren't there. Also, as I was assessing what WAS there, they sold out of catfish and arugula. Before 9:30! (it opens at 9.) craziness!

The vegetable stand that sells tomatoes, corn, basil, and peppers staffed by the super nice ladies that call everyone "hon" was still in business, as was the shrimp lady, and a couple other places so I was able to acquire:

creole tomatoes
pint of heirloom cherry tomatoes
Silver Queen corn on the cob
cow cheddar cheese
lemon-dill goat chevre
fresh figs
"Fig Yum" from the fig stand- it's basically pureed figs with some sugar, pectin, and lemon
cilantro hummus

I wish I'd thought to get peppers- both sweet and spicy.

I actually made a rage inducing trip to Whole Foods yesterday to get the fixins for the chicken & dumplings and got myself some sickie treats- chocolate mousse, guacamole, cookies. Mashed potato fixins. I've been a little weird about Rouses lately, because the last few times I've been there, the back area (meat and fish sections) have smelled FUNKY. Is unsettling. Hopefully that will get cleared up and I can get back to shopping there more regularly, because I really hate shopping at Whole Foods- it's stupid pricey, filled with annoying yuppies and hipsters (though thankfully the annoyance of hipsters and yuppies in New Orleans is many levels down from those in Cambridge), the parking scenario is horrible, and it's like Foodie Disneyland or something.

I have discovered I'm in love with their chocolate mousse though, which is most unfortunate.

Man, I think my sore throat is going to necessitate a trip to Hansen's this afternoon for a soothing, cold, delicious Sno-Bliz.

Some recipes I am considering to use up my farmers market ingredients:

Bacon Wrapped Quail stuffed with Goat Cheese
Quail Sauce for Fresh Pasta
Donald Link's Peach Buckle
Shrimp and Corn with Basil (maybe served over grits?)
Chorizo and Figs

I should check my cookbooks too...


  1. I love reading your blog...only downside is I'm starving by the time I finish reading! So many places I want to try on my next trip thanks to your reviews.
    For a tourist, does the farmers market sell things that would travel well such as sauces etc...? Also, do you know when Hansen's usually closes for the season?
    Thank you! :)

  2. I *think* (looking at their old blog entries at snobliz.com) they close early November and open again in late March/early April.

    Farmers Market: there's a pesto dude, there's a lady who sells dried mushrooms... also on Saturday there's someone who sells local honey, someone who sells pralines, and - Oh! this might be perfect for you- a woman who sells jars of jams/sauces/jellies/mustards, etc.

    Also, somewhat on that same subject, Cochon sells Link's book and T-shirts, and The Butcher Shop has mustard, jellies, vinegars for sale.

    Definitely check out the Saturday market when you visit, it's near the Quarter (in the Warehouse District/CBD) and I think they'll have more takeaway items for travelling.