Thursday, July 8, 2010

daily report

Today I was pretty low energy, but I did end up doing a couple interesting things. One of those things was NOT yoga, sigh. My bad. However, I did the following:

1. Went to Slim Goodies, as described in my previous entry.

2. Picked up Tom, then went to PetCo for cat food and then Hansen's for a sno-bliz before they closed at 7pm. I had pineapple and ginger, Tom had cardamom and cream of almond.

3. Went to the Maple Leaf Cafe for the NOLA new beer launch- it was their new seasonal, a lemon basil wheat. The Maple Leaf is a pretty famous music club, and I was definitely interested in checking it out. We didn't stay for the band, but we did enjoy some beer before heading home.

4. Cooked a farmers market dinner- the fresh oregano pappedelle, the citrus basil pesto, and the turkish heirloom tomatoes.

In somewhat excellent news, I finally got my copy of Real Cajun by Donald Link- looking forward to using it soon with delicious results.

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