Monday, July 26, 2010

caching up

Well last week I was at Tales of the Cocktail. And, well, what happens at TotC stays at the TotC. I worked pretty hard, met some cool people, sampled some cocktails, went to a couple parties... then came down sick with Tom's bug and had to cancel my shifts (and comp events) for Saturday and Sunday. Here's a picture from the Beefeater-sponsored Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening.

There was a crazy Alice in Wonderland-British acid trip theme going on. Tasty beverages though.

Anyway. this morning after dropping Tom off at the office, I went to the post office and the bank, and in between I stopped at Surrey's Cafe on Magazine for some breakfast. It was nice- I ordered the Boudin Breakfast Biscuit with grits and over easy eggs and watermelon lemonade. I also decided to splurge on some fresh squeezed grapefruit with a shot of ginger juice to help boost the ole fading immune system. All excellent- the Supremes were playing overhead, the service was friendly, the boudin was panfried up nice, and the biscuits were freshly made. The only downside is that I sat at the table that gets the A/C condensation drip. I won't sit there again.

Hopefully this mix of productivity and deliciousness will kick off the week in a healthy fashion!


  1. Sorry about your "bug" When you posted you were volunteering at TOTC I was so anxious to read about your "adventures"~I really do have a life,I promise-just always hungry for my "fix" between our visits to my favorite place on earth!
    Don't know what your chosen profession is but I do think you could make it as a creative writer~Always a fun,entertaining read~keep posting and I'll be your #1 fan!! Oklahoma Lu

  2. Aw, Lu!

    I'll work on at a bare bones report at least, since you were looking forward to reading about it!

  3. You're a doll! Next time we're in New Orleans, We'll connect and you can share one of your neighborhood haunts with us!!Just our kind of places! Waiting for the next fun post! No pressure!! :)OK LU