Thursday, July 8, 2010

breakfast links

I had breakfast at Slim Goody's on Magazine Street. I was a bit overwhelmed by the menu, so I went for the standard combo and I kind of wish I'd gotten something a little more exciting. It was fine. The grits and eggs (over easy) were pretty bland but, whatever. The waiter was very chatty and familiar, kinda touchy feely. He seemed a little weird once I mentioned having a husband, but that might just have been because I was on the way out, and he was off to other customers and whatnot.

I'll go back and check out one of their slams or scrambles or omelettes.

New Orleans links!

New Farmers Market, Fridays, in Armstrong Park

Um, ok, just the one link.


  1. What does the pancake / french toast situation look like? Also syrups.

  2. They have the sweet stuff too- I have a copy of the menu here for your inspection.

  3. I LOVE Slim Goody's. Sweet potato pancakes, the crawfish and potato pancake dish, spinach as a breakfast side. Nom nom nom.

    And it was open immediately after Katrina, so it gets a place in my heart just for that. Though, honestly, I loved it as soon as it opened.

  4. Yeah, the crawfish/potato pancake dish sounded awesome, though I hate the name of it. I will have to bring Tom by soon.

  5. I love that you both alluded The Dish That Shall Not Be Named. It's soooo good! And mos def not kosher.