Wednesday, July 7, 2010

breakfast & Brocato's

Today I ventured to Mid-City to have breakfast at Huevos, someplace I've been itching to check out for a while.

I was greeted by the music of Bob Marley's "Rebel Music" album and studied the menu:

Also a pitcher of freshly squeezed blueberry lemonade, which I ordered along with Huevos Con Tamal, 3 pork tamales with 2 poached eggs and salsa verde.

I love tamales, I love pork, I love runny poached eggs- so I was in heaven. The blueberry lemonade was also delicious. They advertised coconut iced coffee, which was somewhat intriguing, but untried as of yet.

After breakfast, I made my way over to Angelo Brocato's for their justly acclaimed lemon ice and an espresso. DAMN. Both were excellent. Simple products, made well.

The lemon ice was so smooth and tart and sweet and silky and flavorful. Mmm, I want to go back every day to try a new ice or sorbet!

The espresso was wonderful. The espresso maker is a beautiful copper antique behind the counter and it turns out a damn fine espresso.

I got two freshly filled cannolis to go- I cannot wait to try it! (the second one is for Tom)

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