Sunday, June 6, 2010


Here I am in the Big Easy and everything's very new and very exciting. It's a little overwhelming at times to put into words when my friends and family as me how things are going. It's difficult to describe the weather with the afternoon thunderings and the wet, sticky air and the weight of the heat and sunshine bearing on my skin; the excitement of finding a huge selection of grits and variety of grocery store sausage (not to mention beer, wine, and liquor in the supermarket); the patchwork of economic disparities found on almost every block; the knowledge that crime happens, but if you are aware and alert, most times you will be fine, because your neighbors are looking out for you (whether you know it or not); the food, the booze, the people, the history, the culture.

So I figure I can try to capture some of that by writing down my experiences on a fairly regular basis. At the very least, it will be something that I can point to down the road say "I did that!" and laugh at myself, because seriously, this is CRAZY.

My husband Tom found a job within a month of my return from New Orleans where I volunteered and realized that I needed to live here. We moved our entire lives within a month of his accepting the job. We are still whiplashed and not quite believing that we did such a weird, wonderful, BATSHIT INSANE thing.

Dealing with the administrative annoyances here has made it feel much more real. Opening up a checking account- I swear, I never thought it would be so complicated to give money to a bank. Getting my Louisiana license and registering our car was also a real reality check- I got it right on my second visit, and I was happy it didn't take longer than 2 days. Of course, on my second day and first license attempt was incorrect because the OMV person but the wrong birthdate in the system... Next step is getting our "brake tags" which is the LA inspection sticker.

Every day I drop Tom off at work and set out with a list of stuff to do, and I explore as much of the city as I can. I drive around much more than I thought I would- it's just too hot to walk for too long. Also, the sidewalks are an ADA nightmare.

So I hope that I'm able to communicate my adventures here.

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