Sunday, June 6, 2010

An update email/note I sent out today

When I posted this to Facebook and sent it to my non-FB using friends and family, my cousin Lexi suggested that I think about writing a blog, presumably to keep my long winded notes from clogging up her Facebook feed.

Thought I'd post here it for posterity.

Greetings from New Orleans! It's been just over three weeks since our relocation and we are settling in to the point that I can't believe it hasn't even been a month yet.

Tom's job is going well, he's surrounded by young turks but the old man seems to be getting into the groove of things. It's a small office, and they often all go out to lunch together, so Tom has been exposed to some of the good lunch places by those in the know.

I've been also checking out local eateries for delicious food. So far, I've/we've eaten at Patois, Emeril's, Coquette, Boucherie, Parasol's, Commander's Palace, J'anita's at The Avenue Pub, St. James Cheese Company, Creole Creamery, La Divinia, Elizabeth's, Whole Hog BBQ, Cochon Bucher, Mahoney's, as well as attending a beer dinner prepared by Donald Link and a beer tasting at NOLA Brewing catered by Crescent Pie and Sausage. We've done some drinking at the Bulldog, the Rendezvous, the Avenue Pub, and Pete's.

While Tom's been at work, I've been getting things organized, bank account, Louisiana car registration, food shopping, cooking, cleaning, setting up house. Being a Southern housewife is so far OK- I take myself out to lunch and nap regularly. However, I suspect that by summer's end this will not be the most engaging of daily work.

We've been embraced by several members of the tight knit Irish Channel neighborhood community and we've been attending local beer events and meeting brewers, beer lovers, and bar owners. So we've been meeting folks and starting to make friends. I've been availing myself of the bounty of food resources here and cooking with local beans, Louisiana rice, grits, local fish, shrimp, chicken, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, sausage, and other meat.

The farmers markets are teeming with the fruit of the land and the labor of so many who have been making their living in the fertile Gulf area. It's been heartbreaking to see the community and the environment here turned toxic and unproductive. I don't know how much press the oil disaster is getting up north, but it is still raging out of control and the behavior of the BP executives toward this disaster and the community is beyond horrible and reprehensible.

Anyway, we are settling in just great and are looking forward to hosting any visitors! Please stay in touch.


  1. You can clog my Facebook feed anytime! Can't wait to hear more -- recipes please!

  2. Lexi, I used this recipe for the Shrimp and Grits:

    Turned out so awesome.

  3. You must try the "Feed Me" menu at the Louisiana Bistro:

    Best meal I've ever had.