Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The local bar

Here in the Irish Channel, there are two neighborhood bars: Parasol's and Pete's. These are pictures of Parasol's and I will try to get pictures of Pete's the next time I cross Washington Street. See, Parasol's is for the Irish Channel neighborhood on the east side of Washington, and Pete's is for those on the west of Washington. I have been to Pete's more than Parasol's even though I live on the wrong side of Washington, because our friends Kara and Trey live over there, so we cross the line fairly frequently.

Oh, here's a little bit about The Irish Channel according to Wikipedia.

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  1. I almost came to your side today. Set out for a walk and decided to cross Washington and come knock on your door. Didn't make it to the corner before it started pouring down rain. I walked around the block hoping it would stop but it didn't and Boudreaux was smelling like a wet dog (which he was) so I came back :-)