Friday, June 18, 2010

Disappointment and Redemption


I had the single worst meal I have ever had in New Orleans, and probably one of the top 5 overall horrible meals of my life this morning!

It was a standard breakfast plate: 3 eggs, cooked to order as requested, bacon or sausage, butter grits or cheesy grits, and toast. OMG YOU GUYS. I ordered the eggs over easy, the bacon, and the cheesy grits. The eggs were HORRIBLE. brown and rubbery on the outside, and somehow raw white and overcooked yolk on the inside! How is that possible???!?! Bacon was sorta flabby and cold, and the toast and grits were OK I guess.

Now, this is a BRAND NEW place in the hood, and it's been open 3 days and I think one of the owners said I was their first customer??? (I don't know if I was the first customer ever in those 3 days or just for that morning.) And the owners were so nice and sweet and it was so empty, and I felt so bad for them... so I ate my horrible breakfast out of pity and didn't send it back or say anything. Maybe I should have!

When I was leaving, I thanked the owner/cook for breakfast and she said, "thanks for eating it" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am not going to name this place because I am hoping it shakes all the kinks out during its soft opening. I am not sure how to shake out the kinks of NOT KNOWING HOW TO COOK EGGS, but here's hoping. Hint to aspiring cafe owners: if you don't know how to cook eggs, THEN DON'T PUT THEM ON YOUR MENU.


So I was feeling a little blecchy for the rest of the morning and then after today's crazy rains subsided, I decided to try to balance out the universe by going to a place I'd heard great things about, MiLa, which is a well regarded farm-to-table restaurant downtown run by a husband and wife team. They do a 3-course lunch prix fixe for $20. Also, my unsweetened iced tea was complementary!

The bread basket contained sweet potato rolls and cornbread with bittersweet plantation butter (with sea salt on top) and a lima bean puree. I started with a curried squash soup with creme fraiche and some sort of subtle sweet pickle and something a little salty and crispy in the middle. It was very nice. Second course was a flatiron steak served over a potato puree and a red wine sauce with broccolini and tiny pearl onions. YUM. Very satisfying. Dessert was a vanilla bean rice pudding with rum soaked raisins. By the time I finished the last spoonful of the pudding, my horrible breakfast was a faded memory.

Until I started this blog post. The things I do for you guys.

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