Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy Father's Day to any dads reading this blog! In your honor, Tom and I went out to brunch at Dante's, in the Uptown/Riverbend neighborhood. You follow St. Charles Street till it ends, turn onto Leake Ave/River Road and another right onto Dante Street. We got there and saw many folks milling about the sidewalk and street, which made us think that we would be in for a wait - indeed, when we went inside to put our names in we were informed it would be an hour and a half wait. I suspected (and was correct) that it would not be that long.

During our 40 minute wait, we were able to start with cocktails outside. I had a bloody mary and then we both had blueberry mojitos. It was hot, but not so humid, and we had a spot in the shade to wait.

Finally, we were seated in the front room near the bar:

We ordered a couple breakfast starters: homemade biscuits with housemade jams and butter:

They also offered brioche french toast as a started with blueberry syrup and whipped cream, which we also shared.

For our mains, we were seduced by the specials. I had the grits and beef grillades (with 2 poached eggs) and Tom had a grilled amberjack served over a vegetable hash with ham, also with 2 poached eggs and hollendaise.

The good: the starters, the cocktails, the atmosphere. The grits and grillades were pretty good too.

The middling: the service. It was very busy, but it took a loooooong time for our starters to come out, I even asked the waitress about it (which I never do) when she dropped off my 3rd blueberry mojito- just asked if she knew when they'd be out, much to Tom's consternation. They came out shortly thereafter

The bad: Tom's amberjack with vegetable/ham hash. First of all, they called it a hash "cake" which it most certainly was not. Second, the hash was unbelievably salty. Third, the amberjack (which seemed to be related to the tuna) was grilled and charred beyond recognition and dried right out. Perhaps it was the leftovers of Saturday night's dinner service dressed up and recycled.

This bummed me out because I hate hate hate it when Tom's food isn't up to par- he hates spending money to go out so when I finally drag him out somewhere there's a lot of self-inflicted pressure for wherever we go to be awesome. Especially when we have to wait for a table.

We'll go back though, most definitely for dinner. And if we go back for brunch, we'll avoid the specials.

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  1. Sometimes "special" means "the chef put a lot of thought into this dish using the freshest possible ingredients." Sometimes it means "here are some crappy leftovers which are moments away from needing to be thrown out." Roll of the dice. . .